Barrachan House


Milngavie Reservoirs is an example of a Victorian parkland made up of a series of features that includes the buildings referred to as Barrachan and its contribution to the overall character and sense of place is acknowledged in its inclusion in HES’s Listed Building assessment.

The 19th-century Barrachan Farm features policy woodland to the west and areas of former parkland to the south.

The driveway within this formal landscaped park passes through the designed landscape with careful planting design offers visitors composed views and framed focal points along this route which culminate with the grand reveal of Barrachan House and its outbuildings. The approaches and views are considered together as they work very closely in tandem.

Scottish Water has neglected the maintenance of Barrachan House, Cottages and Outbuildings. The rationale being that any investment would be futile as there was no access road to the site as a consequence of the New Treatment Plant; this is despite the buildings forming part of the overall Category A listed Reservoirs site.

It now appears that SW are on the verge of obtaining agreements from the landowners for the right to form an access road off the new WTW road to serve Barrachan.



FoMR supports SW in its installation of Heras security fencing to close off access to the property which will help protect the building from further vandalism and abuse.

FoMR is of the view that given a positive attitude and a determination to protect a valuable historic asset, that Barrachan buildings has an important future providing a courtyard housing development reflecting the original design.

The continued use as housing is supported by HES as stated in an email communication to East Dunbartonshire Council (dated: 29th Oct 2018): ‘We are aware that SW wish to let/sell these (Barrachan) so that they can be returned to domestic use. We warmly encourage this.‘

It is of course essential that visitors to the Milngavie Reservoirs continue to have right of access to surrounding land and internal road/paths leading to/past Barrachan property.

FoMR would like to start dialogue with the SW Directors in the very near future.

Prepared: June 2020